The Top Austin Texas Remodel Projects That Increase Home Value

Dated: 04/01/2016

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Top Austin Texas Home Remodel Projects

If you are thinking of remodeling your home in Austin this year, you need to read the new report recently released by the the Texas Association Of REALTORS:

The Texas Remodel Valuation Report covers the 30 most common remodeling projects performed on Texas homes last year and reveals the top 10 projects that will actually help increase the value of the home. 

Experience shows that most home customizations lose money... it sure would be nice to recoup the cost--- plus maybe make a little profit--- when you sell your home one day!

Get the report here: The Texas Remodel Valuation Report

P.S. Are you thinking of selling your home? 

Find out what your home is worth in 3 seconds here: What's My Home Worth?

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Danny Crow

As a real estate agent since 2000, I enjoy helping others discover Central Texas and make a home here. Real estate in Austin offers many options to home buyers and I will make sure you explore every o....

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