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Dated: 04/04/2017

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Hi, my name is Rob Hernandez with Realty Executives, here is my little info blurb on the program, if you can reply back with your thoughts on why the program will or won't work for you. We are always looking to improve the program and your input is valuable: 

You can Lease To Purchase a house, even if you don't qualify for a traditional mortgage today. 

-Depending on your income, you can pick a home that is for sale between 100,000 to 550,000. 

-You can make improvements, upgrades or customization, with our investors approval, on your home.-The Lease To Purchase Program requires as little as 1st months rent when you move in and a security deposit equal to 2 months when our investor secures a property under contract on your behalf. This security deposit will be returned to you to use as a down payment when you qualify for a traditional mortgage in the future and complete your purchase agreement! 

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1. 525 credit score or higher, I will help you find out your credit score for free. 

2. $4200/month income, before you pay all your bills, all adults who will live in the home, 18+, income will count to the $4200. (This amount works out to $50,000 per year income.) 

3. You must have stable employment.4. No history of eviction or pending bankruptcy, but some acceptable criminal history is allowed. 

Apply with me and get an answer in 24-48 hours, it is free to prequalify for the program. If approved, you pay a one time application fee of $75 and the company will process your application, do income verification and asset verification.

Property Selection Criteria: 

1. Not near negative features, example rail road tracks, high tension power wires. 

2. Sale amount of 100k to 550k 

3. Minimum 2 bedrooms and must be on 3 acres or smaller. 

4. Single family residences, no condos, multifamily, or commercial 

5. Retail Sales only, no short sales, REO/Foreclosures or auctions. 

6. No material deficiencies, ie mold, foundation, etc.-If you want, I can send you an invite to the program. 

Click the chat with us button below to get an invite to the program. It's free and I will send you an additional list of pre qualification questions that you will be asked so you will be prepared if you choose to apply for the program.

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