5 Minor Home Upgrades For A Limited Budget

Dated: 07/01/2019

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By Brentnie Daggett

If you don't have the budget, time, or energy to remodel your home, there are small projects that will improve the look and function of your home without breaking the bank. These minor upgrades can also add value to your property.

New Cabinet Hardware

Swapping out the hardware on your cabinets and drawers is an inexpensive cosmetic change that will update the look of your space immediately.  Look for a modern alternative that suits your taste and is timeless. Hardware comes in many materials: leather pulls, acrylic and metal combinations, stone, etc. Keep it tasteful, new cabinet hardware is a cheap investment with a good return.

Updated Faucets

Over time, faucets become dull and tarnished from constant use. Brighten up your bathroom or kitchen with a  modern upgrade. The existing holes in your sink, the material and thickness of your countertop, and your budget will aid in selecting new fixtures. Go to your hardware store and find a model that will accent the style of your kitchen or bathroom.

If you're replacing multiple fixtures look into ordering in bulk, online.

Modern Light Fixtures

Update the feel of a room is by replacing the light fixtures.

You can replace many ceiling-mount light fixtures without the need for rewiring. Browse in your home decor store for modern fixtures that agree with the look and feel of your home.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A simple coat of paint can upgrade countless areas throughout your home—walls, cabinets, doors, trim, etc. Even if you aren't changing the color of the paint, a fresh coat can brighten walls up. Painting projects can be adjusted to fit any budget, as you can tackle them yourself or hire professionals. Be sure to research best practices in order to make it look professional.

Low-Cost Flooring

Flooring has one of the widest pricing ranges in home improvement projects due to the variety of options. Even minimal updates can have a dramatic impact on your home and its resale value.

Consider replacing particularly damaged or worn areas with laminate flooring options. There are many options in terms of style, from tile to hardwood. Laminate material relatively simple to install.

No matter the project you decide to undertake, make sure to educate yourself completely on the process. The old adage "measure twice, cut once" is a good rule of thumb.

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