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Sell Your Home with These Low-Cost Improvement Ideas

By Suzie Wilson


It’s a sellers’ market but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put some effort into your real estate listing. With a few minor tweaks and DIY repairs, you can make your property more desirable and therefore more valuable. Here are a few simple strategies to get you started:


Address imperfections in hardwood floors


There are few things as grand as entering the room with beautiful hardwood floors and even fewer things worse than realizing those floors have seen better days. Scuffs, scratches and a faded finish will age your floors and leave buyers with a bad impression. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, consider hiring a professional restoration company that will have the tools and expertise to refinish even the most badly beaten floor.


Update kitchen cabinets with new hardware and a coat of fresh paint


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms within the home, especially to buyers. Make it stand out by refacing ugly wooden cabinets with paint made specifically for the job. While you’re at it, swap the hinges, knobs and drawer pulls, which is a surprisingly easy project that will have a profound impact on the room.


Install a closet organization system in the master bedroom


One thing you can be certain of is that buyers will open the closets. Storage space is one of the most desirable features of a home. Networx explains that walk-ins are high on the list but even small, standard-sized closet can be made more appealing with the addition of a flexible storage system.


Make your landscape work for you


Your home’s exterior is perhaps more important than any interior feature. Think of your landscaping as the cover of a book. If it doesn’t catch the eye, is going to sit on the shelf. Weed the flower beds, shape shrubbery, and spend an afternoon painting the mailbox and shutters. SmartAsset says boosting your curb appeal should be one of your top priorities.


Fix the little things because they will be a big deal


You may not realize it, but the small imperfections you’ve learned to live with are giant red flags to buyers. Ask a friend to walk through your home with you to point out little eyesores. Chipped paint on baseboards, dirty grout, cracked caulk in the shower and slightly uneven doors should be taken care of before your first open house. On the exterior, look for cracks in the driveway and replace cracked or broken deck boards.


General home selling tips


It isn’t enough to simply make a few home improvements. There are other steps you can take to ensure your home sells quickly and that you get the most out of your investment.


Hire the right agent. Shop around and pick an agent that listens to your needs and has a proven track record of successful sales in your area and price range. Make sure this agent promotes your house online via sites that serve your market.

Choose the right time to sell. Real estate moves faster during the summer; summer listings even tend to sell for closer to (or even above) asking price. You can catch weekend house-hunters’ attention by listing on a Thursday or Friday.

Price it right. Your home is a valuable asset, but it’s value is determined by the market, not what you think it’s worth. Research comparable listings and stick to the general price per square foot. The median price per square foot for a home in Austin is currently $208.

Keep things clean. Spend the money on a professional maid service and home stager. You want the home spotless and decorated to appeal to many buyers. Hiring a professional cleaner in Austin generally costs between $117 and $217.

Showcase your best images. Don’t settle for iPhone photos. Plan to hire a professional real estate photographer who can frame each listing photo to showcase the property’s best features.


There is no magic formula that will make your home sell faster than others in your market. However, if you focus on small improvements that make your home less of a maintenance hassle for its next owners, you will find buyers are more likely to ask for a second look.

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Mar 14 2019 13081 1

Sell Your Home with These Low-Cost Improvement IdeasBy Suzie Wilson It’s a sellers’ market but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put some effort into your real estate listing. With

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